Miiiiiike, what have you done this time?

The Eppleton Hall

The Balclutha

Looking towards the bridge from the pier - storm's coming in

The information on Balclutha

She's a fine ship

The tug Hercules

Another view including the jetty

Watch for Swimmers!

The Balclutha is an iron ship, although she is wind powered

The tug Hercules and ferryboat Eureka


View from the stern of the Balclutha

Some Park workers getting ready for a classroom tour

Last time I'll see you for a while, Alcatraz

The ship's wheel - how did the helmsman see where he was going? He didn't - he only read the compass

Across the bay

Angel Island

The storm grows near

Have I taken enough pictures of this island yet?

Due to tides, admittance onto the Hercules was limited

View of the Balclutha's bow from Eureka

Blurry shot of the Balclutha

Inside the Eureka, some original diversions

More diversions - the machine on the left was a Kissing Meter - and no, that's not my reading

Coit Tower

The city

Ghirardelli Square