View west from Lombard Street

View East up Lombard - it's about 45 degrees

Finally to the top of Lombard - the Fine Arts Palace

Looking down Hyde with a cable car

Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill

San Francisco cable car

Lombard Street - the crookedest street

View East

View down towards the bay and Alactraz

Crooked section

What's impressive is that there are driveways on this section of street

Bay Bridge, I believe

Lombard again - I liked all the parking notices

Some nice flowers and a helpful sign

Looking up Lombard from Jones

Now, supposedly Jimmy Stewart's apartment from “Vertigo” is around these parts

Coit Tower from the intersection of Lombard and Jones

The same

A nifty church down by Geary

Geary and 23rd Ave

Another church, just down the street

Golden Gate Park

Japanese Tea Garden Gate

Rach enjoys the smells at the Japanese Tea Garden


Some construction project going on in the park

A music hall

Inside the Japanese Tea Garden

... and more...

... and we continue...

A gate within the garden...

More green water in the garden

Unfortunately the sun prevents us from seeing just how red these leaves were

A peace lantern

Another structure in the garden

... and another

It was a beautiful day

Rach looks around the park, deciding where to go

There were plenty of people out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather

A duck pond - look out, avian flu!

Rach said that wasn't a funny joke...

the DeYoung museum

I rest my weary bones

I also made sure not to actually face the camera

What a view... to a kill!

Looking out across the bay

It's amazing how big this bridge really is

Those are surfers swimming off of Fort Point

Six lanes of traffic whizzing past, and a rather tall drop

But it lends itself to incredible shots

A view of the city

Pretty much the same thing again

Looking out towards the Pacific


A picture of the shadow the bridge casts

Looking towards the other side of the bridge

I liked the signs on the phone: Emergency Phone and Crisis Counseling

Crisis Counseling There is Hope Make the Call The Consequences of Jumping from this Bridge are Fatal and Tragic

Looking back towards Fort Point

The city

Close up of Fort Point - where Kim Novak jumps in Vertigo