Chinatown Gate

Rach attempts to imitate the statue - statue is AMUSED

Down by the MoMA

The San Francisco MoMA

Another view down by the bay

The Maritime National Park

Angel Island

That pesky bridge again

The clouds do seem to be rolling in

Rach attempts to brush her hair out of her face, but the wind had different ideas

Rach contemplates deep subjects

The waves come crashing in

Our illusive camera man preparing to dip his hand into the Pacific

Deep in thought as the waves crash in - this is art, folks

We both seem suprised

I am smiling

It says SF, but it's not very clear

The Ghirardelli Square sign

This says SF 2006, but the wave came in slightly faster than I anticipated

A view from Fort Mason

A view of the Golden Gate bridge from Fort Mason

A much darker view of the bridge from Fort Mason

A great shot of two lights - it's actually Alcatraz (at night)

Palace of Fine Arts in all its blurriness

Have you ever wondered what the Golden Gate would look like all blurry?

The park behind Fort Mason

More shots of the city

They don't call me “Shakey Hands Lamb” for nothing

A statue in the park behind Fort Mason

Congressman Phillip Burton who helped create the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

A plaque describing his achievements

Another shot of the sunset and bridge

A map of the area

A close up of the map