View from the hotel room - the street on the left is California and on the right is Pine

Another view from the hotel, looking out towards the bay

The Rock

The Balclutha, part of the National Park Museum

Picture of the bay from Ghirardelli Square

Another view from Ghirardelli Square

The Golden Gate Bridge

Closer shot of the Golden Gate

Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill

More shots of the Maritime National Park


Rach gazing at the bridge

A personal vessel

Rach squints as the sun sets over the Pacific

Ghirardelli Square

Another look at the bridge from the jetty

Looking at the Maritime National Park from the end of the jetty

Looking across the bay towards Oakland

I feel compelled to photograph the Rock - damn you Michael Bay!

Rach gets ready to take her first ever trip into the Pacific



She said the water was “on the cool side”, but apparently it didn't deter the swimmer in the water

Those waves sneak up on you...

Rach enjoys the sand

She goes for a second time...

Heading back after feeling the calming effects of the ocean

Of course, we then had to brush all the sand off her feet... totally worth it though

Can you see the bridge in the background?

Alas, I am not a pirate... but I sure wish I was one! The other shirts say “Surrender the Booty” and “Time Flies When You're Having Rum”

A WWII Submarine

The Jeremiah O'Brien, a WWII Liberty ship

A bird... in front of Alcatraz!

A Sea Lion

A whole bunch of sea lions!

A view back towards the city

I have decided that if I have to come back as an animal, a sea lion would be it

The sign says: “Harassment of the Sea Lions is a Violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. No Docking, Approaching, Feeding or Throwing Objects Allowed.”

A view back towards the bay

These streets are hilly

An island that connects to Oakland

A wider shot

This is a statue of a guy on a camel and another guy in front... unfortunately the auto focus decided not to work

Looking out from Telegraph Hill

There are some great views in the city

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge

I was trying to get a shot of a rather crooked street, but it was too dark

Rach wonders why I continue to take pictures of her and not the surroundings, while I wonder why autofocus hates me

You can make out the street a littler clearer. I assume that it is Lombard.

Coit Tower

Christopher Columbus

An interesting cloud formation

Rach struck a good pose, but unfortunately I just took a headshot

A view down twards the bay, just past Pier 39

Autofocus, thine are mine enemy

A view from up in Coit Tower

A view to the west from Coit Tower

It would be Alcatraz, if it were in focus

Pier 39 area

The Stinking Rose on Columbus Street - you can't see it in the picture, but there is a sign overhead that says “We Season Our Garlic with Food!”